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The Bigger The Better

I'm married and I've been cheating on my husband for years (I?ll call him Kevin in this letter), but after I discovered I could use the Internet to have affairs with married men I?ll never look back. It's just become so much easier to get laid whenever I want that it's hard to stop. I've always found that married guys are better in bed. The best lovers are all taken- and it's nice to borrow one from time to time. My husband is one of the best, but he's an executive at a big company and it doesn't leave him very much time for me. I can't go two weeks without getting a cock in my pussy and I should have had something like that put in our wedding vows. I don't think it's cheating if I've been left for so long, but I've almost thrown that excuse away too since I now have the power to get laid whenever I want with no strings attached. I've always had an overactive libido. I can?t help myself. After being married for six months I almost went completely crazy because I was horny all the time and I made the very poor choice of screwing a few of Kevin?s friends. Of course he eventually found out and we nearly broke up, but things are back to normal- except that now with online lovers there?s no chance of getting caught. Part of the problem with my marriage is communication. If my husband had any idea how horny I get when I haven?t had a thick cock inside me for awhile, he?d never leave me alone. Last night I found myself getting together with a nice muscular stud for a quick fuck while Kevin was working late. I knew Kevin would want to fuck me when he got home, but I just couldn?t wait and a double dose of cock in one night is something I really have nothing against. I could have sex for hours and it wouldn?t bother me. The guy was super nice and his wife was out of town. It was too easy just to go and visit him for about an hour and I knew he had a big cock because we?d gotten together once before about three months ago. I love big cocks. It's not just getting totally filled by something big and hot that turns me on? it has something to do with how it makes me feel complete as a woman to get something massive inside my pussy. The bigger the better, even to the point of being uncomfortable. It's like an accomplishment. My husband's penis is a little bigger than average and for the most part it's awesome, but it just doesn't fill me completely and I always find myself craving guys who have cocks big enough to scare me. I?d been waiting patiently to do this guy again ever since our first time, but he?s very paranoid about his wife finding out and he told me he?d only contact me when she was out of town. If he was my only lover I?d have pressured him into meeting me in a hotel room or something on a regular basis, but since there are so many guys to choose from online I just waited until he was ready. This time he got me to drive right into his attached garage so his neighbors wouldn?t notice a strange vehicle parked outside and as soon as the door closed behind my car we were all over each other. He carried me inside his house to a couch in the living room and then licked me all over while I undressed. He gave me my first orgasm of the night by licking and fingering my pussy and it made me want his cock inside me so bad I would have paid him to just ram it up there, but he wanted a blowjob first. I knew I?d have trouble sucking him off, his cock is very thick. Try wrapping your jaw around a pop can for fifteen minutes sometime and you'll know what I was up against. I think he enjoyed seeing me suffer and he stroked his cock at my face very patiently until I gave in, opening my mouth as wide as I could. I?ve heard there are people who can unhinge their jaw at will, at that moment I wished I was one of them. Don?t get me wrong, I enjoy giving head, but with well-hung guys it?s just too uncomfortable. At one point he went a little too deep and I gagged. He's lucky I was so horny because if I wasn?t I probably would have left. When he said he was going to come I stopped. I wanted him to know what it felt like to be left hanging and I told him he had to get completely naked before he fucked me, and then I leaned back and covered my pussy with my hand, enjoying the show he put on for me. I almost felt sorry for him as I teased him, but by the time he had all his clothes off he?d cooled off enough to be able to fuck for a long time. The head of his penis was so thick it took awhile to work it in, but once he got it past the first inch I didn?t have any trouble. I had an orgasm just as he went all the way, and then I relaxed and let him do all the work. The sensation of being revenged was so intense it was surreal; he didn?t stop for anything and my body reacted to every thrust with a mix of pleasure and an intense over-sensitivity. At one point I tried to hold him steady but his hips had a rhythm that couldn?t be tamed. When he came he pulled out and I got an up close look at his beautiful cock twitch as he covered me with semen. It only took a couple minutes to clean up, kiss him goodbye and get out of there. I?m not much for cuddling or small talk. I had just enough time to run home and have a shower before my husband got back from work. He fucked me just as hard that night and I loved every minute of it too. Kevin?s cock always feels better after I've been stretched by a bigger one and he notices that it feels different in a good way. I'm sure it would drive him crazy if he knew the real reason why, but I?m not about to tell him.

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